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Act Justly was was birthed out of the desire to explore the intersection of social justice and faith. Our hope is to help UF and Santa Fe College students discover the importance of their voice and passionate energy, as we work to create a more loving and just world.

Our purpose is to provide educational opportunities for students to become educated on issues related to the oppression and marginalization of people in our communities. Our desire is for young people to become equipped and called to actions that involve spreading love and justice within their communities. These opportunities may present themselves in the form of educational components led by experts in specific areas, and through experiential events where we immerse ourselves in the communities we are learning about.

Education is only part of the vision for Act Justly. An informed passion and interest in social justice, combined with real-world opportunities and events where learned knowledge can be applied and a call to action can be engaged, is a key component to impacting our communities. Through events and retreats, Act Justly provides avenues for action, thoughtfulness, conversation and the desire to care for our communities to take place in what we hope will be life-changing experiences.

This opportunity to learn and engage in an informed way can and will spark more interest and more students to invest in their own efforts to combat social injustice within their own communities. As our heart and hope for social justice strengthens, and our faith becomes action, Act Justly has the power to truly make a lasting impact in the lives of those we serve.

We invite you to join us in this exploration to Act Justly

Topics being covered for the 2019-2020 school year: 

  • Allyship and how to be aware of injustices

  • Environmental Justice [climate change]

Changing weather leads to mass migrations of people due to extreme weather, famine and inhospitable environments.

  • Immigration [detention/ICE and police state]

Current ICE detention camps are owned and managed in similar ways to prisons. Often times inmates are violated of their human and constitutional rights. 

  • Mass Incarceration [psychological disparities/isolation and lack of connection]

One of the largest health disparities facing the prison system today is the presence of effective and accurate mental health treatment programs and professionals. 

  • Mental Health [lack of community/marginalization]

One of the largest communities facing large mental health discrepancies are the LGBTQ+ community who consistently show higher rates of mental illnesses due to lack of resources and support.

  • LGBTQ+ (Injustices and discrimination)

We believe in focusing on the underlying ties of all these issues and showing how they are connected to one another. For this reason, we will be transitioning from one topic to the other while highlighting how one affects the other. 

Mark your calendars for our BIG Act Justly Events this school year:


We will be traveling to South Florida for a 3 stop road trip. We will begin at the ECHO sustainable farm in Ft. Meyers to learn about sustainability practices happening around the world. Then we will make our way to Miami to participate in the largest protest that the Coalition of Immokalee Workers has put together in Miami. And we will end our trip in Homestead where there is currently a Children's detention camp housing children separated at the border. 


A yearly event that occurs in Tallahassee FL in partnership with the United Methodist Church and the African Methodist Episcopal Church. This is an incredible opportunity to meet the people in our State House and Senate whom are elected to make Florida legislation and policies. We will be going to get educated on legislation that positively impacts children and meeting with our representatives to lobby in support of these bills. 


More info to come about this amazing event!

Please contact Alejandra Salemi, Act Justly director with any questions or comments | [email protected]