Leadership Team Applications

2018/19 School Year

Gator Wesley Leadership Team

Applications Due Date: APRIL 18, 2022

Leadership Team Meeting: April 24, 2022 12-2pm at Gator Wesley

Leadership Opportunities

The following list is not exhaustive, but represents many of the leadership opportunities available to students who feel a calling to serve within the ministry of Gator Wesley. It is our hope and prayer that your time at Gator Wesley will be one where you grow and are challenged as a leader. 

Connect Team (New Student Engagement and Hospitality)

Freshmen Connect Team

Family Group Leader

Justice Ministries / Act Justly Team

Missions Team

Equally Love Team (Campus Presence / Generosity)

On Campus Tabling / Marketing Team

Food Service Team

Intramural Team Captain

Football Ticket Block Chair

Events Team

Social Media / Communications / Marketing Team

Worship - Band

Worship - Design

Worship - Audio / Visual