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Worship times, Directions, and What to Expect

Sunday Night Service @ Wesley | Summer B 2021

Sunday | Dinner @ 7pm | Discussion Groups @ 7:30


Sunday Night Service @ Wesley | Fall 2021 Plans

  • We gather @ Wesley at 7pm on the Gator Wesley patio to see each other, share a meal outdoors and connect.

  • At around 7:30 we walk walk upstairs.

  • There is live music, a weekly message and a few announcements to keep you updated about what's coming up in our community.

  • Read below for more info on what to expect at a Gator Wesley Service.

As of 07/2021, Gator Wesley requires masks at all indoor events at our building. We are evaluating our mask policy as we move toward the fall semester.

Here is what a typical Sunday Night Worship @ Wesley looks like

We know that meeting new people for the first time can be intimidating, and checking out a campus ministry can be intense. We want you to know that there is a place for you at Gator Wesley.


Worship happens on Sunday nights in the 2nd floor worship space at Gator Wesley. We eat a free dinner prepared by our students and staff beginning at 7:00pm and then move upstairs for worship at 7:30. Below is what a typical worship experience at Gator Wesley is like.

WELCOME AND GREETING – We gather in the worship space and one of our directors will welcome everyone to worship. This is a time to be reminded that we are called to do this life together and that we gather as the Body of Christ. It’s difficult to do that without getting to know the people you are worshiping with, so you will be invited to stand up and talk to the people around you. This gets everyone standing and connected to those around them as we begin worship.

WORSHIP SET – During a typical night we will sing four to five songs. Some will be fast-paced energetic songs, and others will be slower, more reflective songs. Everything we do during worship is to create an opportunity for students to connect with God in meaningful ways and to create an atmosphere where you are able to express yourself in ways that offer thanks and gratitude for the work that God is doing in each of us and in our community.

MESSAGE - Our typical teaching time is about thirty minutes, and our main teachers are our co-directors, Heather and Joel Pancoast. We usually teach by using a series of messages centered around a specific topic. You can find all of our past messages on our main Facebook page. Our goal is to share a relevant message that points us toward the work that God desires to do in us and through us as we grow and learn to reflect the character of Jesus.

ANNOUNCEMENTS - These are meant to inform everyone about the key happenings in and around Gator Wesley. You can always find more info through our website, Instagram, and Facebook.

COMMUNION - Communion is an important part of the life of the church. It is a reminder that Jesus invites us into a story of grace and love. It is an opportunity to remember the special meal Jesus ate with his disciples the night before his death. This ancient tradition is one that we regularly participate in at Gator Wesley. The communion table at Gator Wesley, and in the United Methodist Church, is an open one. There are no prerequisites involved. All are invited and all are welcome. During communion, you will be invited to participate. We use a method called intinction. A piece of bread will be torn and given to you. You then dip the bread in a cup of grape juice and eat it. Communion is not a requirement during our worship. You are free to participate as you feel led. Our directors and staff are always open to questions and conversations about communion.

AFTER WORSHIP - After the teaching and closing song, we have an extended time for gathering in community and getting to know each other. There are usually desserts and music playing during this time. At this point, you are welcomed to stay, connect with a staff person, or exit the worship space. Most Sundays, you’ll be greeted by someone at the door as you leave with a small gift (usually chocolate!) as a reminder that you are loved and that we hope you have a great week!


Gator Wesley is located right across from the University of Florida on the corner of W University Ave and NW 14th St. right next door to The Standard.

What's the culture like at Gator Wesley?

We are a diverse mix of backgrounds, personalities, talents, and gifts. Our hope at Gator Wesley is to encourage and develop lives that reflect the love of Christ. That means a lot of things, and we want you to know that regardless of your past, present, or future, you are welcome and loved by the people of Gator Wesley. The atmosphere is pretty laid-back, and we are intentionally focused on moving forward, growing, and leaning into community as we learn from and grow with each other.

Want more info before you come to Gator Wesley?

If you're not quite ready to check us out in person, we would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have! Please feel free to check out the rest of our website! GatorWesley.life is about connecting you to the next steps of finding community here at Gator Wesley. You can find a calendar of events, ways to serve and lead, mission opportunities, and all the details of our events and trips! Follow the links to our Facebook page and Instagram for more pictures and updates on our past and upcoming events!